Does physiotherapy work for neck pain?

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Does physiotherapy work for neck pain?

Messagepar achievephysiorehab » 22 Sep 2022 09:37

physiotherapy is more powerful in alleviating your neck torment than torment prescription and gets you quicker results than chiropractic treatment
Active recuperation is one of the most widely recognized therapies for persistent neck torment.

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Re: Does physiotherapy work for neck pain?

Messagepar cyril » 18 Mars 2024 20:03

I haven't had neck pain specifically, but I did have some serious Shoulder Pain that started a few years ago, probably from too much time at the computer. It got to the point where it was affecting my daily life. I decided to try physiotherapy, and it was a great decision. I went to see Michele Tamplin, who was recommended by a friend. Michele was fantastic; she used a mix of manual therapy, exercises, and advice on changes to my workspace. It wasn't an overnight fix, but gradually, my shoulder began to improve. What worked for me was the personalized approach Michele took, focusing on the root cause of my pain and not just the symptoms. Based on my experience, I'd say physiotherapy can be very effective for dealing with pain, including neck pain.

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