Natürlich gibt es nicht nur deutschsprachige Tutorials zu Contao, sondern auch englischsprachige:

Official sources - Contao webmasters
Online Contao users guide
Contao Teamblog: Optimizing Contao for Google Page Speed
Video: How to distribute language files through the Contao Extension Repository

Official sources - Contao developers
Online Contao developers guide
Contao subversion repository
Contao API
Contao Roadmap
Contao Ticket System

Unofficial sources - Contao editors/users
Video: Creating a new page
Video: Adding a new page with text and image
Video: Creating a child page
Video: Text Content Element
Video: Adding Articles and Content Elements
Video: uploading files using file manager
Video: Adding a news item
Video: Adding an event item
Video: Add events
Video: Create a calendar and add an event
Video: Add link to news item in twitter
Video: How to create, edit and send newsletters
Video: Newsletter Tutorial
Video: Using the Downloads and Download Content Element

Unofficial sources - Contao webmasters
Video: Basic Overview - For First Time Users
Video: CSS Editor Walkthrough
Video: Creating a Basic Blog
Video: MetaCreator
Galleries with Mixed Arrangements in Contao
A short guide to SEO in Contao
Create a contact form with the EFG
How to marry TYPOlight/Contao and jQuery
jQuery dropdown menu in TYPOlight/Contao
TYPOlight/Contao error: No input file specified
Automatically backup your Contao website

Unofficial sources - Contao developers
Create a custom Contao module - part 1
Create a custom Contao module - part 2
Create a custom Contao module - part 3
How to create an extension for Contao starting from a Language Pack
Let users find custom templates with Contao 2.9
9 cool Contao built-in functions (Array functions, String functions, Miscellaneous)
tl_debug: An useful extension for debugging TYPOlight
Select configuration: Manage options
AJAX in Contao
Using a frontend module in another module
How to set up a cron for your module
Quick tip: how to change page title in frontend modules
Quick tip: howto modify a record label – label_callback