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  1. Update contao 4.4.7 to 4.4.18 through composer

    I want to do a minor upgrade on contao 4.4.7 to 4.4.18. Can anyone brief about How to do minor upgrades and major upgrades (4.5) in contao through composer?

    I have followed this...
  2. Many thanks for the reply. I will update and use...

    Many thanks for the reply. I will update and use hook to avoid this problem.

    One doubt ,How can we identify which parameters and arguments are used for our particular site.A s I am new to contao ,...
  3. My current contao version is 4.4.8

    My current contao version is 4.4.8
  4. Contao tl_search table indexes vulnerable url in its database


    We are in a state of misery where there is a vulnerable attempt to our site which is the reason for">< script >alert(document.cookie)</ script >, this...
  5. How to Select News Records in my Custom Extension Field Defined in DCA

    Hi friends,

    Is there any alternative method other than below configuration to list the news records in my custom field Configured in DCA .

    I have a field named news in my job Extension ,which...
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    Migration of news to latest Contao 4


    I am doing a newsmigration to latest Contao 4.

    Can anyone please explain how the image file is related to tl_news table ?
    Currently for my migration I have imagepath and imagename for...
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    MM relation mapping in contao


    I am a beginner in Contao ,
    Currently I am extending the news module inorder to add the related news option for each news .I am able to list all the news by using the below configuration...
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