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  1. Everything was of course correct with the...

    Everything was of course correct with the contents of the link you gave but I was looking specifically for a solution to the symlinks. Many thanks for your help.
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    Could not find template \"ce_google_map\"

    I have upgraded Contao 3.5.40 to 4.4 but I am unable to get dlh_googlemaps to work.

    The var/log is giving me the following but I can find no mention of the template "ce_google_map" anywhere. I...
  3. Fixed it


    I had to delete the following.


    Then in a terminal run composer install -o
  4. Tried that and no luck. The host server does not...

    Tried that and no luck. The host server does not have the capacity to do the upgrade there and the local copy was working perfectly before I uploaded it. I have referred to the link you provided but...
  5. I just transferred all the files from my local...

    I just transferred all the files from my local site to a subdomain, imported the database and modified the parameters.yml so that Contao would use the imported database. The folders where already set...
  6. Upgrdae from 3.5.40 to 4.4 results in loss of content format

    I have been forded to do a local upgrade of our live website because our hosting package server has a CPU Usage and I/O Usage cap which results in the failure of any upgrade attempt.

    I have...
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    Command line

    Sadly the hosting package does not give me command line access. An alternative hosting provider seems to be the only way forward.
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    allow_url_fopen On

    The company that I am using for hosting tells me that there is no way I can change allow_url_fopen to "On" because of security issues. Is there a work around?
  9. AH01630: client denied by server configuration:

    I have suddenly started to receive the error message.

    An error occurred while executing this script!

    If you are a Contao user, contact the administrator of your website.
    Open file...
  10. Moving news and newsletters between hosts with version 3.5.6

    Whilst improving a website I left the old one in place and used a copy of it as a starting point. I have made many improvements but as the old site was still in use, news and newsletters on the new...
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    404 error sitemap "item" missing from path

    My sitemap seems to be creating incorrect paths for all news or newsletter archive items.
    The path that should appear in the sitemap.xml file should be of the form...
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