It may be useful to someone: if you want to have the lines on the map we need to draw lines on the first sample on googlemaps map and the geographical location of each end-point line store separately.
Then enter to the page http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/map ... ility.html where the encoded data.

For example: 2 Points: 47.3723 - 8.5198, and second point: 50.2636 - 19.0217.
This data type field in order Latitude and Longtitude, zoom set to 3, and choose Add Point. After administration of the second point, in the form field Encoded Polyline will show us the result: "(@ kc `Hw__s SUSP (cb_A" - and it copy the characters from the box below: "BB".
Then, create in Backend TL a google maps module and write the section Additional parameters:

var encodedPoints ="( @ kc `Hw__s SUSP cb_A (";
encodedLevels var = "BB";
Finally, it changes the content mod_dlh_googlemaps.tpl on this:

<?php if (!$this->searchable): ?>

<?php endif; ?>
<div class="<?php echo $this->class; ?> block"<?php echo $this->cssID; ?><?php if ($this->style): ?> style="<?php echo $this->style; ?>"<?php endif; ?>>
<?php if ($this->headline): ?>

<<?php echo $this->hl; ?>><?php echo $this->headline; ?></<?php echo $this->hl; ?>>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($this->alttext) : ?>
	<div style="display: none;"><?php echo $this->alttext; ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>
<div class="dlh_googlemap block" id="<?php echo $this->map; ?>" style="width:<?php echo $this->width; ?>;height:<?php echo $this->height; ?>;display:block;"></div>

<script src="http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&v=2&key=<?php echo $this->google_id; ?>&sensor=<?php echo $this->sensor; ?>" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function load<?php echo $this->map; ?>() {
	if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {
		var <?php echo $this->map; ?> = new GMap2(document.getElementById("<?php echo $this->map; ?>"));
		<?php if ($this->mapcontrol) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.addControl(new <?php echo $this->mapcontrol; ?>());
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if ($this->mapswitch) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if ($this->physical) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.addMapType(G_PHYSICAL_MAP);
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if (!$this->hybrid) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.removeMapType(G_HYBRID_MAP);
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if (!$this->satellite) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.removeMapType(G_SATELLITE_MAP);
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if (!$this->normal) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.removeMapType(G_NORMAL_MAP);
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php echo $this->map; ?>.setMapType(<?php echo $this->view; ?>);
		<?php echo $this->map; ?>.setCenter(new GLatLng(<?php echo $this->coords; ?>), <?php echo $this->zoom; ?>);
		<?php if ($this->marker) : ?>
			var <?php echo $this->map; ?>_point = new GLatLng(<?php echo $this->marker_coords; ?>);
			var <?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon = new GIcon(G_DEFAULT_ICON);
			<?php if ($this->icon) : ?>
				<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.image = "<?php echo $this->icon; ?>";
				<?php if ($this->shadow || (is_array($this->shadow) && sizeof($this->shadow) < 1)) : ?>
					<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.shadow = "<?php echo $this->shadow; ?>";
					<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.shadowSize = new GSize(<?php echo $this->shadowsize; ?>);
				<?php endif; ?>
				<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.iconSize = new GSize(<?php echo $this->iconsize; ?>);
				<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.iconAnchor = new GPoint(<?php echo $this->iconanchor; ?>);
			<?php endif; ?>
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>_marker = new GMarker(<?php echo $this->map; ?>_point, <?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon);
			<?php echo $this->map; ?>.addOverlay(<?php echo $this->map; ?>_marker);

		<?php if ($this->params) : ?>
			<?php echo $this->params; ?>
		<?php endif; ?>

       var encodedPolyline = new GPolyline.fromEncoded({
		color: "#ff0000",
		weight: 10,
		points: encodedPoints,
		levels: encodedLevels,
		zoomFactor: 32,
		numLevels: 4
	<?php echo $this->map; ?>.addOverlay(encodedPolyline);

				<?php echo $this->map; ?>.openInfoWindowHtml(pt,'Hello i here');

			<?php if ($this->infowindow) : ?>
				<?php echo $this->map; ?>_icon.infoWindowAnchor = new GPoint(<?php echo $this->infowindow_anchor; ?>);
				GEvent.addListener(<?php echo $this->map; ?>_marker, "click", function() { <?php echo $this->map; ?>_marker.openInfoWindowHtml("<?php echo $this->infowindow_text; ?>"); });
				<?php if ($this->infowindow_auto) : ?>
					<?php echo $this->map; ?>_marker.openInfoWindowHtml("<?php echo $this->infowindow_text; ?>");
				<?php endif; ?>
			<?php endif; ?>
		<?php endif; ?>

window.setTimeout("load<?php echo $this->map; ?>()", 500);

<?php if (!$this->searchable): ?>

<?php endif; ?>