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Thread: Invalid arguments passed ... formauto 1.0.9 build 9

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    Default Invalid arguments passed ... formauto 1.0.9 build 9


    I use TL 2.8.2 with formauto 1.0.9 build 9 and DC_DynamicTable 0.1.0 build 15. When I edit (pencil) a data record in the backend, I get the following error message.

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /opt/zww/system/modules/backend/DataContainer.php on line 239  
    #0 [internal function]: __error(2, 'implode() [row() 
    #3 /opt/zww/system/modules/backend/Backend.php(210): DC_Table->edit() 
    #4 /opt/zww/typolight/main.php(99): Backend->getBackendModule('form') 
    #5 /opt/zww/typolight/main.php(295): Main->run() 
    #6 {main}


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    Default Re: Invalid arguments passed ... formauto 1.0.9 build 9

    I wish I could get a massage everytime there is an error, I'd be so relaxed and de-stressed. Oh, you mean a message.

    I have this configuration running on my live eventsportal server without any errors. There might be a database or other problem. Be careful that you didn't change the FORM half-way. Once you have set-up a form, you have to ensure that you don't change it too much, or if you do, that you add/remove fields. Changing field types isn't recommended, because the existing data posted by people, might not match the data definition you've made the field, e.g.

    Text -> Checkbox store different data values, so its not a good idea to modify things like this.

    Also, sometimes, because of synchronisation, you might have to EDIT the form again, not the fields, to save the definition correctly. This is because in some situations TL doesn't always run the callbacks to ensure DB sync with the form and the values.

    ALSO, there is a known COPY bug, so if you copied a form, then you HAVE to edit its settings again to sync it, because I'm unable to trace this copy bug.


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