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Thread: Blank page on gallery detail

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    Default Blank page on gallery detail


    i´ve installed the latest gallery and dfgallery from the repository:

    dfGallery 1.0.3 stable Build 9
    gallery 0.8.1 stable Build 24

    then i´ve created a gallery archive and a gallery with some test images. Then i´ve setup two new modules:
    1. gallery (Module type gallery-list)
    2. gallerydetail (Module type gallery-view)

    and two pages/articles which included this modules:
    gallery ->images

    So far so good. Now i´ve integrated this two modules on two different pages/articles. Then i´ve edited the gallery collection settings and setup a redirection to imagesdetail (see above).
    Now when i´m accessing this page <>/images.html i see the gallery and the poster preview; and when i hover over the preview i see this link <
    But when i click on the link only a blank page appears.
    Does anybody know how to fix this? Thank you

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    Default Re: Blank page on gallery detail

    A blank page means you have setup somethine wrong in Contao. The page would load correctly, but say something like: Gallery not found (if the alias or id passed to the detail page, doesn't exist).


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