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Thread: Changelanguage across sub-domains

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    Default Changelanguage across sub-domains

    Hi All,

    I would like to be able to use the excellent change language extension across subdomains,


    www. -> english, is the language fallback
    fr -> french
    de -> german

    I have made some small modifications to the change language code in order to enable this, while keeping the original functionality the same.
    In brief, this function added to tl_page.php and ModuleChangeLanguage.php:
    	private function checkForSubDomain($domain)
    //remove subdomain, for case where languages hosted on separate sub domains e.g. vs ||
            if(substr_count($domain, '.') > 1)
            	$domain = substr($domain, strpos($domain, '.') +1 );
    		return $domain;
    and in 3 places in the code where sql shows: 'WHERE dns= ?' change to 'WHERE dns LIKE ?'
    where the question mark is substituted with
     '%' . $this->checkForSubDomain( $objPage->domain )
    However I still have one problem.

    The default page of the non-english subdomains are not correctly found: -> goes to page not found

    this is due to a function in Frontend.php line 123: getRootIdFromUrl
    	protected function getRootIdFromUrl()
    		$host = $this->Environment->host;
    		$accept_language = $this->Environment->httpAcceptLanguage;
    		$time = time();
    		// Find the matching root pages (thanks to Andreas Schempp)
    		$objRootPage = $this->Database->prepare("SELECT id, dns, language, fallback FROM tl_page WHERE type='root' AND (dns=? OR dns=? OR dns='')" . ((count($accept_language) > 0) ? " AND (language IN('". implode("','", $accept_language) ."') OR fallback=1)" : " AND fallback=1") . (!BE_USER_LOGGED_IN ? " AND (start='' OR start<$time) AND (stop='' OR stop>$time) AND published=1" : "") . " ORDER BY dns DESC" . ((count($accept_language) > 0) ? ", language='". implode("' DESC, language='", $accept_language) ."' DESC" : ""))
    									  ->execute($host, 'www.'.$host);
    		return $objRootPage->numRows ? $objRootPage->id : 0;
    Now I have no fallback language on the subdomain no page is found, if I go to that page with a webbrowser which doesnt report support for the language through httpAcceptLanguage

    Not sure what the best way to deal with this is?
    Am I using contao in an unusual way?
    Andreas since you wrote both the extension and the SQL, what would you advise?

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    Default Re: Changelanguage across sub-domains

    You don't need to modify the extension! Switching between multiple (sub)domains is supported. What you need to consider is, you must have one fallback language for EVERY subdomain, because to Contao, they are unique domains. After you enabled all fallback checkboxes, you should have the option to link the domains.
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    Default Re: Changelanguage across sub-domains

    thanks for the quick reply, you may yet save me from wasting my time ;o)

    I hadn't updated the extension since: 0.6.3

    I updated and everything works!


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