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    Good afternoon:

    I'm using the dlh_googlemaps module and the cm_membergooglemaps extension to create a map of store locations for a regional pest control company.

    I've tried several times to get the cm_membergooglemaps extension to replace the default Google Map Icon (teardrop shape) with an image icon to overlay over the map. I've tried several variants of this using what little instructions there are on the cm_membergooglemaps module without success. I've got it working with the default Google icon but cannot get an icon image file to replace that.

    Does anyone have a solution that would work to replace the default Google map location icon with something else?

    Ernest McDermon
    Snellville, GA

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    I've not used it, but are you saying it has no controls to select an icon?
    If not try...
    search for this line in the two root class files ModuleCM_MemberGoogleMaps.php and ModuleCM_MemberGoogleMapsPos.php

    markerIcon.image = "
    and replace with another image.

    and read this


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