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Thread: more granular viewing and editing for the front end

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    Default more granular viewing and editing for the front end

    The Listing form data module that comes with EFG has options on who can do what with the records. The options are "Display Restriction", "Frontend Deleting", "Frontend editing" and Frontend CSV export. For each of these you can have either Owner, Group Member or Public.

    I believe the group that is referred to by "Group Member" is the same group that is used to restrict access to the page on which the records are displayed, but I could be wrong about this. For me the option of Group Member is too large. I wonder if instead of Group Member, it could list the member groups that are available and allow me to select a member group for various options. I would like to be able to set the display restriction to "owner" and "My Custom Admin" group for example.

    I know that admins can modify data in the backend, but it requires admins to log in to the backend and locate the data table. I would like to avoid this if possible.

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    Default Re: more granular viewing and editing for the front end

    Hear, hear! I second the motion! I had this exact thought yesterday while trying to help a site member update their information in a form. I had to go to the backend, use "Front end preview", select their member account, go to the page with the form on it and update it for them. I would much rather, as the god-like admin, be able to edit their information from the frontend for them. It would be great for permissions to be granted for owners and a certain member group, or even just owner and site admin!, to be able to edit in the front end.


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