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Thread: Linking articles to images

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    Default Linking articles to images

    I would like to link an article from an image, using Element type > Image, Image link target > article.

    Is there any way to do a select from available articles, or does the link have to be added manually with {{article_url::*}} ?

    What would be the easiest way to do this for a non-technical user?

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    Default Re: Linking articles to images

    Contao isn't really designed to link directly to articles (although it's possible). Articles appear on pages, so you should link to a page here the article appears instead. Contao isn't a blog system where you just keep posting "Articles". In Contao, Articles are NOT blog posts, that is what the News system is for. Articles as used in Contao, are instead used as a container for Content Elements. Hope that helps you out.


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