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Thread: Navigation using static container pages

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    Default Navigation using static container pages

    Is there a way to replicate Contao's website where the top-level navigation are non-linking but merely a submenu heading, without using templates.

    My suggestion would be to add a core page-type called: "container" this could contain pages, but cannot be rendered as a link, but just a span. This would be very helpful to organize and structure pages into groups.

    These types of situations could be really useful for top menu's where you need the top level to appear in the menu, but only render as a drop-down SPAN, instead of a link.This is also really handy in a FOOTER, where you would like to group links together for legal and other "groups". Currently I have to create a module for each sub-group, or at least have a heavily modified template to "skip" the top-level links, e.g. by adding maybe a class to these types of pages (e.g. container).


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    Default Re: Navigation using static container pages

    both the "selectnav" and "dropdown" extensions can do this.


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