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Thread: Change order with tags?

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    Default Change order with tags?

    Is it possible to change the order of news entries with tags?
    Let's say I enter people. And want to sort the alphabettically instead of on date, which news does automatically.

    i give the news item / entered person a letter of the alphabet. Can i sort them on alphabet with the tag module?

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    Default Re: Change news list order with tags?

    It is a bit quiet on the forum....

    Well let me try to explain a bit more.

    I have given my news entries tags in the tag field in the news item.
    Then I have entered these tags in the news_list module. Indeed, news items with tags mentioned in the list show up.

    But I would have thought it would show in the correct order?

    If I enter the tags in the news_list module like this: partner, advisor, employee
    the news items would display in this order? (so first all the messages tagged with partner, then advisor etc)

    but this is not the case. Am I missing something? Or just missing the point of the tags extension?

    Thanks a lot!


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