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Thread: Catalog reference and relation tables

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    Default Catalog reference and relation tables

    I have two tables related in a many-to-many relation as shown here:

    what I'd like to get is to create a catalog reference module, to be shown for example in "component details", which relates the selected component with the works related.

    I tried by adding a standard catalog reference module, using "components per work" as catalog and "components" as selected referenced catalog. What I get is the list of records in "components per work" related to component, which is good.
    Obviously - having the list of works related to the component I'm looking at - I'd like to have a link to the related work details. Hence, I put a link on the "work" field and override the redirect page to work-details. This does not work, because the link is opened with the ID of the "components per work" record, whilst I'd like it to be opened with the "work" cell value, which is the ID.

    An example:
    Work's ID: 33
    Component's ID: 3
    Record in "components per work":
    - row ID: 1
    - work: 33
    - component: 3
    - quantity: X

    in the module I see a row with the data above and a link on the "work" field. That link does not take me to the "work details" page with ID = 33, it takes me there with ID = 1, since 1 is the row ID in the "components per work" table.

    Do you know if there's any way to perform such a task?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Catalog reference and relation tables

    hmm an relation of n:m is not possible with the normal modules of the catalog (this is contao based...).
    So you will have to write your own module ore script for that i think.

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