I'm working on a site that has a subnav based on an edited template, so that if you click shop in the main nav, then in the subnav, the first word on the left is shop and then you have the subnav options. This is done with an insert tag in the template of the subnav.

If I change the top nav module for your i18nl10n navigation module, then only the top nav is translated. The subnav still works, but in the fall back language. Will I be able to solve this?

Here's the code for my edited subnav template, which just differs from the top one in that it has that insert tag to print the page alias.

<h3 class="navheader_{{page::mainAlias}}">{{page::main Title}}</h3> <ul class="navheader_{{page::mainAlias}} <?php echo $this->level; ?>"> <?php foreach ($this->items as $item):

?> <?php if ($item['isActive']): ?> <li class="navitem_{{page:alias}} active<?php if ($item['class']): ?> <?php echo $item['class']; ?><?php endif; ?>"><span class="active<?php if ($item['class']): ?> <?php echo $item['class']; ?><?php endif; ?>"><?php echo $item['link']; ?></span><?php echo $item['subitems']; ?> <?php else: ?> <li<?php if ($item['class']): ?> class="navitem_{{page:alias}} <?php echo $item['class']; ?>"<?php endif; ?>>"<?php if ($item['class']): ?> class="<?php echo $item['class']; ?>"<?php endif; ?><?php if ($item['accesskey'] != ''): ?> accesskey="<?php echo $item['accesskey']; ?>"<?php endif; ?><?php if ($item['tabindex']): ?> tabindex="<?php echo $item['tabindex']; ?>"<?php endif; ?><?php if ($item['nofollow']): ?> rel="nofollow"<?php endif; ?><?php echo $item['target']; ?>><?php echo $item['link']; ?><?php echo $item['subitems']; ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php endforeach; ?>[/list]

By the way, this is the website so you can see the menu working: www.planetaaleph.com