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Thread: Weird Cache Issue Contao 3.1.0

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    Default Weird Cache Issue Contao 3.1.0

    I've just noticed something strange in Contao 3.1.0. If you are in the backend Settings and check "Bypass Internal Cache" to "disable" the new Contao 3.1.0 cache "feature", and then create a new module in the active theme, the module does NOT appear in the list of active modules.

    You have to go back to "Settings", uncheck the "Bypass Internal Cache" box, which then automatically loads the red "cache" feature at the top of the backend admin area. Rebuild the cache, and sure enough, the new module is in the list of theme modules available for use.

    I would think that "bypass" the cache would be the same as "disabling" the cache feature, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

    I'm not certain that the new cache feature is a "plus" for the Contao platform for most sites that we use Contao on. I guess it might some offer benefits, but right now it seems that this new feautre simply slows down the process of building and maintaining a Contao website.

    Ernest McDermon
    Snellville, GA

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    Default Re: Weird Cache Issue Contao 3.1.0

    There are more features that seem to make it in before being bugfree in Contao 3. I requested a feature that was added, but I still had errors which were never addressed. I hope the team will evaluate recurring problems and see if this is due to the latsest changes and then fix that. Features shouldn't be removed because most are good (if they work without problems)

    But back to your problem. Is there a ".skip" file in the module directory? It seems this is something new and I found an irregular behavior as well, thought it might be a fluke and didn't try again.

    ps, so what happens if you remove that .skip file of a disabled module that should have shown up...


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