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Thread: [Contao 4.0.3] Some few problems related to installation and missing features....

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    Default [Contao 4.0.3] Some few problems related to installation and missing features....

    Hello all!

    Finally I wanted to try the new Contao 4(.0.3). First, I've tried installing it by just put a composer.json with the appropriate requirements into the target folder and doing a composer update.
    That worked, but I then got a "Incomplete installation" message when browsing to the new contao.

    After that, I've tried this standard-edition thing, with exactly the same result. After some minutes of thinking and trying, I've found out, that I need to modify my (nginx) vhost file, for supporting the /install.php file, which then has filled the database and finished the installation.

    Well, my contao is now working, but I still have some strange problems:

    - I have no extension manager...? o.O
    - When installing an extension manually, for example the megamenu or the dk_caroufredsel, and then calling the install.php, it doesn't do any database updates.
    - After installing a new extension manually, there is no new entry in the left navigation for configuring the new extension.

    I've of course checked all stuff like wrong permissions and similar and this is definitely not the problem.

    So... any hint would be really appreciated.

    Best regards

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    there is no graphical extension manager for this contao Version at the moment. So you must wait for that ;-)
    You can use Composer like the way you have done it before.

    Maybe the extension is not ready for Contao 4? This will be the case in most of the extensions.. Contao 4 is more like an Version for Developers right now. When you want to work with it an need Extensions jut use Contao 3.5.

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