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Thread: Wordpress to Contao Migration and PHP7 Issues?

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    Frage Wordpress to Contao Migration and PHP7 Issues?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm kinda new here. I'm currently using Wordpress through out my online projects and planning to move one of the site to another platform to test and find myself here. I want to try Contao but I just want to have several questions.

    First, is it easy for me to migrate my existing database from Wordpress to Contao? How should I start with this? Any tool you can recommend?

    With PHP7 out, I just want to ask if Contao have any issues with the recent version of PHP? Sites I'm working with are all running over Nginx+PHP-FPM (PHP7)+Varnish.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The most recent Contao 3.5 release should be compatible with PHP7. However, some users reported some minor issues in PHP7 with Contao 3.5.6

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    I am new here and anyway I don't know much.
    I have a WP page that I run for a group, recently i was asked to make it look like the other page that is run for say "head group". But the 'head group' page is in Contao.
    What is the easiest way in my case?
    Install Contao, and copy the Contao Page layout of the 'head group' page, and then fill it with my content from WP?
    Or is there a possibility of staying with WP, and only copying somehow Contao page layout to WP?
    Please advice and help a novice!

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    Ask for a backup of the head group Contao page - files and DB. Set this up on your server, remove things you don't need there and fill it with your group contents.

    Don't try to use the Contao design within a wordpress page. The design is a pretty balanced interplay between CSS, JavaScript and HTML which mostly gets generated by some templates. So you would run into trouble if you try this.

    If the group site should always look like the head group site you also can try to load some resources directly from the head group site - CSS, JS, layout images ...
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