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    VNPT Internet, Viettel, FPT ... install the best fiber optic cable network today

    Along with the development of technology in a rush, it is accompanied by the need to use internet services is indispensable in the lives of people today. In Vietnam, there are many telecommunication service providers providing optical fiber network with many advantages and disadvantages. So choosing the best fiber optic internet connection today is something that many customers need to wonder.

    Today, we will give you a list of the most reputable and most popular carriers in Vietnam, hoping to help customers choose a service like that:

    The best internet carriers in Vietnam today for individuals and families

    1. VNPT Internet

    VNPT Internet is provided by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). Is the oldest internet service provider and the largest investment infrastructure. Currently, VNPT internet service accounts for the majority of internet market share in Vietnam. VNPT's internet is famous for its high stability, and advanced fiber optic network infrastructure.

    Overview of internet provided by VNPT:

    - AON / Gpon optical cable technology
    - Large international bandwidth
    - Postpaid fees are relatively high
    - There are few promotions included when signing up
    - Often affected by the loss of sea optic cable
    VNPT's cheapest internet network packages:
    - Fiber 20 package with 20Mbps bandwidth of VND 190,000 / month
    - Fiber 30 bandwidth package 30Mbps 230,000 VND / month
    - Fiber 40 package 40Mbps bandwidth 340,000 VND / month

    The price list is referenced at in February 2019. Customers when installing VNPT internet service, update the latest price list at faster.

    2. Internet FPT

    The FPT Internet service provided by FPT Telecom was born quite early in 1997. With a new business strategy, there are many incentives when registering for installation as well as focusing on customer care. FPT Internet has been quite successful in enticing users to use its services and constantly developing installation coverage throughout the provinces and cities nationwide. Currently, FPT's internet has the second largest market share in Vietnam, being the most serious competitor of VNPT
    You can see more about fpt internet service Website >>>


    Overview of FPT Internet:

    - AON / Gpon optical cable technology
    - Cheap network rates, many promotions when installed
    - Good customer care
    - A large, enthusiastic and passionate sale team
    - Installation information is chaotic (due to too many sales)

    The cheapest internet packages of FPT:

    - FPT F5 package with bandwidth of 27Mbps VND 200,000 / month
    - FPT F4 package with bandwidth of 35Mbps 250,000 VND / month
    - FPT F3 package with bandwidth of 45Mbps VND 280,000 / month
    - F2 FPT bandwidth has a bandwidth of 55Mbps VND 370,000 / month
    Internet price list:

    More view >>>

    3. Internet Viettel

    Viettel internet is provided by Viettel Military Telecom Group. For Viettel, it is too famous for its leading mobile service in Vietnam and world class. However, the fixed-line internet service was rather late to join in 2002, and has only recently been focusing on thriving. Viettel Telecom is also rapidly expanding its fiber optic internet service area and has a market share only lower than VNPT and FPT Telecom in Vietnam.

    Overview of Viettel internet:

    - AON / Gpon optical cable technology
    - Cheap rates and many incentives when registering for installation
    - Good customer care
    - Sale team enthusiastically good advice

    More view >>> Some new points on management, provision and use of Internet services


    Above is the top of the best and most popular internet service providers for individuals and households. Depending on the actual situation, each person has the option of installing internet services of different companies. Simple, if you want to install FPT internet, but your network infrastructure does not have or has all ports, you have to choose VNPT or Viettel internet.

    Hopefully the article above will help customers somewhat answer such questions as the best fiber optic internet today? the gioi tin hoc What internet connection should be installed? ... And somewhere offers the cheapest packages of network operators and websites that update the fastest and most prestigious registration information for users.
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