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Thread: tl_log grows quite large

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    Default tl_log grows quite large

    The table for the logs grows quite large over time. I noticed some websites had a 10Mb tl_log table. I am sure somewhere there must be a functionality that clears the log automatically, but haven't found yet how to activate it.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    If it is supposed to be some cron job, then I would advise to change that because most people do not know or how or realize that they should set something up.

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    The "poor mans" cron gets triggered with the fe_page template.
    PHP Code:
    <?= $this->mootools ?>
    This is a JavaScript at the end of the BODY.

    The checkbox "Disable the command scheduler" in system-settings has to be unchecked (default unchecked).

    The field "Storage time for log entries" in system-settings has to be set to a reasonable value (default 1209600 seconds for 14 days).

    This is for Contao 3.5. With Contao 4 things may be a bit different.

    Looks like the system log gets not cleared by the cron, only when you open "System - System log" in the BE. See
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