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    I am totally new and for the first time, I am working with contao.
    I have a small question, I have been given work to install google analytics in contao website.
    I have my google analytics account, I have seen google analytics extension but in my contao version 3.5.34, I couldn't
    find it in extension catalogue. Then I saw it is compatible with older version.

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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    You don't need an extension. Create a new template from analytics_google.html5. Open this template for editing. Read the comments, fill in your analytics ID and save. Activate this template in your layout by activating the google analytics checkbox. That's all.

    If you will find the analytics extension in your catalog you have to activate the checkbox "show incompatible extensions" within settings. Newer versions maybe exist on github and have to be installed manually.
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