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Thread: Fundrasing: Connector to Isotope 2.5 [7%]

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    MetaModels shall be interfacing with Isotope ecommerce (Version 2.5). The interface shall provide the products (and variants) from MetaModels and the checkout within Isotope. This allows to design complex products with ease in MetaModels and benefit from the checkout features in Isotope.

    The project was renewed in April 2018 and updated to the current versions (MM 2.1 and Isotope 2.5)

    The fundraising includes programming, project management, setting up a test shop, testing and documentation.

    Pleas look at our fundrasing - send your ask to

    Update 06/27/2018:

    The MetaModels-2-Isotope project is now completed and available.

    With this tool, products or services can be configured in MM and output with all possibilities of MM (filtering, search, variants) and then added to the isotope shopping basket. The following checkout incl. payment etc. takes place in isotopes. There is a manual for more information (current in german) and a demo shop for testing.

    The module is refinanced through an early adopter program - for questions on the topic in the manual or directly to
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