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    Today I come to you because of a problem that I am currently facing.

    Here I am doing a module of territory where the user entered in the database can access that has its own territory.

    I explain when I register the user in the backend contao, I select a field or I tell him that it territory it belongs.

    Then in the page of the territories I would like the page loads that the element having the same id as the fields which I selected previously.

    I use contao 4 for module development

    My code :

    Dca on territoire
    PHP Code:
    $GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_territoire'] = array

    // Config
    'config' => array
    'dataContainer' =>'Table',
    'enableVersioning'  => false,
    'sql' => array
    'keys' => array
    'id' => 'primary'

    // List
    'list' => array
    'sorting' => array
    'mode'  => 1,
    'fields'  => array('name'),
    'panelLayout' => 'filter;sort,search,limit',
    'flag'  => 11,
    'label' => array
    'fields' => array('name'),                    
    'format' => '%s'                
    'global_operations' => array
    'all' => array
    'label' =>&$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MSC']['all'],
    'href'  =>'act=select',
    'class' =>'header_edit_all',
    'attributes'  => 'onclick="Backend.getScrollOffset();" accesskey="e"'
    I do not know how to filter by showing that the element

    If anyone has an idea do not hesitate

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