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Thread: Multiple events -> 1 table?

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    Default Multiple events -> 1 table?

    I'd like to use calendar_eventsattend, but I have a big problem:

    The registration worked out for 1 event, but now I want to add antother events that use the same registration form.
    As I understand, I can't use the same form as you need to have a unique form for each event? Or is it not true?

    If I duplicate the form, I can't use the same table for the database...

    So is there any solution for having multiple events with alike form?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Multiple events -> 1 table?

    You can do this the following way:

    download and install: ... gs.en.html

    This allows you to use inserttags that intercept GET values. Since the event alias is stored in the GET['events'] variable, you can then use that to insert it into a HIDDEN form variable. This hidden field will be stored along with your firstname, lastname, company, phone, etc.

    So your FORM should look like this:
    eventalias [hidden] => {{get::events}}
    firstname [text] => (blank)
    lastname [text] => (blank)

    Then load the form onto your event detail page, and it will extract the event alias from the URL (using the GET parameter) and then you will have that stored into your event alias. You can then use the hidden variable as an event filter in your exported data. This is useful for multiple events then.


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