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Thread: 2 column layout possible?

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    Default 2 column layout possible?

    Hi. I'm considering using contao for my next project. I did a quick install with the music academy example.

    My question is, is it possible for contao themes to have 2 or more columns of contents? I take a look at contao-themes and all of them seem to have 1 column content plus some sidebar stuff. For example I would put text into A and gallery into B, side by side instead of vertically.

    Next question, is it possible to choose different layouts for each individual pages? For example, I might want a single column on home page, 2 column and 3 columns on other pages?

    Thanks :D

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    Default Re: 2 column layout possible?

    Yes and Yes.
    Q1. Investigate custom layout sections, defined in Global Configuration in Settings, and applied in Page Layouts.
    Q2. configured in Page Layouts (under Themes...the square page icon).... and applied to each page in Site Structure.


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