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Thread: Starting from scratch with own html/css

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    Default Starting from scratch with own html/css

    I want to start a Contao based site from scratch, with my own HTML/CSS.

    I have a complete site in HTML5/CSS/jQuery and want to know how to use Contao to integrate its functionality into my templates.

    Where can I find a tutorial that explains me how to do this?

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    Default Re: Starting from scratch with own html/css

    The jQuery part you can find on this forum. Vera wrote an excellent step-by-step tutorial: ... 258&p=5021

    As for the templates and the css, there is no all encompassing tutorial.

    One important thing: If you copy the Contao templates into the /templates dir you can edit them update safe.

    What you must do is to compare the template fe_page.html5 with your main template. Change as much of fe_page as you need, but leave the php code intact unless you know what it does.

    Any of the many other templates that are used can be edited the same way. But I am guessing that rewriting the CSS selectors for the smaller parts woul be easier.

    I've done a lot of ports from other systems to Contao mostly and figired out that in some cases rewriting the CSS from nearly scratch is faster then trying to turn code written for a wolf into code for a leopard. Both have 4 legs and eat meat, but they rely on different skills. Same goes for HTLM+CSS code; even if both html structures are well written it still doesn't mean the styling is interchangable.

    Hope this helps, and also curious if anyone HAS been able to write a guide to the templating part. Might make my life easier as well!


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