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Thread: Trouble updating database

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    Default Trouble updating database

    I just have updated Contao to 2.10.3 from TYPOlight 2.7 manually, and stuck on updating the database.
    Installer says, "The database is not up to date!" but doesn't offer any options, and the button "update database" does nothing.

    contao-check is all green. Any idea?

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    This weekend I attempted the same; To upgrade a client's Typolight 2.7.5 manually to Contao 2.10.3, and I experienced exactly the same problem.

    Upgrading the database went smoothly until the last upgrade to 2.10.3 (The DB upgrade button went through the various versions). Then everything seemed to stop, and the upgrade button did nothing.

    I solved it by restoring my database from a backup, go back to Typolight 2.7.5, and then install Contao 2.9.5 and upgrade the database. Version 2.9.5 allowed me to upgrade to 2.10.3 without issues.

    However, I had to roll back to version 2.9.5 because of an issue with multiple sites and layout error messages under 2.10.3, but I'll open a separate thread for this.


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