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Thread: Job exchange forum plesase

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    Default Job exchange forum plesase

    Hi, the German community has a job exchange forum, where website owners, web designers and other Contao users can advertise jobs if they need help with Contao or need any kind of work done. Could this be added to this community also?

    The most ideal would be, however, a combined job exchange which would advertise a job across the whole community, and not just to a language based audicenc (English/German). Many Germans speak English, so a separate English based Job Exchange would be great!

    A Contao user who sometime needs help

    [Link to German job exchange: ]

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    I sure like this idea (mainly cause i could really do with some work!).
    I guess anyone can post for work wanted in any forum, but I think a dedicated forum might encourage it.
    At the moment you need to join the german community to even see that forum.


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