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Thread: Date problems in backend

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    Default Date problems in backend

    I'm using contao 2.10.4 and Catalog 2.0.0.

    This is my problem:

    First of all I cant get any date&time field to default current date. One of the fields is an editable publish date field and it's important for it to function that way.

    Second issue is date formatting. My date format in Contao settings is j.n.Y, H:i and j.n.Y H:i. I use the same formatting in my catalog's publish date field and while it works and displays correctly in the back end list, in edit view it doesn't. Somehow all dates are 1.1.2012, correct time though. I wonder what I might be doing wrong.

    I've used catalog many times before, but never had to do date&time fields before.

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    Default Re: Date problems in backend

    Hi Triskal,
    i think there is a Problem, when you try to use this field with houers and Minutes.
    I make for houer and Minutes an extra Field when i need them. Sometimes as an Select with Taxonomie, so the user can easy select them...
    When you want you can make an Ticket for that -> ... r_page=100

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