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Thread: How to use \FrontendTemplate correctly?

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    Default How to use \FrontendTemplate correctly?

    I've tried to attach to my FrontendModule the gallery based on the code of ce_gallery content element.
    I've looked at the ContentGallery.php, tl_content.php, ce_gallery.html5, gallery_default.html and created added to my own extension/DCA some similar fields: for tl_r3_rhc_house.php - multiSRC, orderSRC; for tl_module.php - size, imagemargin, fullsize, perRow, perPage, numberOfItems, sortBy, galleryTpl.

    Module looks fine and saves it's data into DB.
    This frontend module ModuleHouseGallery receives house_id through \Input::get('items') and selects the data from DCA including multiSRC, orderSRC.

    All data generated right but on the Frontend generation stage ... y.php#L363 the html shows <ul>[/list]that mean $body is empty.
    So I suggest that I do something wrong with FrontendTemplate.

    How to FrontendTemplate correctly?
    Here the module code of the Module

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    Default Re: How to use \FrontendTemplate correctly?

    It seems to me that is correct. So are you sure the data is filled before FrontendTemplate starts parsing?


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