Shortly I will be releasing a beta version of an amalgamation of a number of modules and work I've been doing in the last few years. Basically this new module extends the events module and adds a number of additional fields and functionality items. The main new functions are:

BackEnd Functionality
  • Invitations. This allows you to construct an HTML file with special tokens (if needed) which you can send out to a CSV list of recipients attached directly to the event. The system will parse the HTML, add the event info mapped to special tokens, add the subject, sender, etc. and then allow you to preview send and finally send out the invitation to the recipients. You can also use a mail_xxx template as opposed to a static HTML file. Images will always be embedded (for now). Most of this code comes from the existing Invitations extension.[/*:m:r3un4bh2]
  • Registration. This doesn't actually add a new feature but simply links the registraton using a form into the event display. This makes it possible to select a regular form, or a FormAuto supported form to manage the registrations automatically (buttons and other integrations simplify unnecessary back and forth). If you install the (not in the ER) ajaxforms, you can have the client remain on the event page without moving to a thank you page, or setting such a page up per event. Confirmations can be setup in the Form, either as a simple extension like [formreply] which only acknowledges the submission or using the special section in FormAuto. Again FormAuto will be modified to accept both HTML and template versions so you can technically use the same HTML file for Invites and Confirmations.[/*:m:r3un4bh2]
  • Template Mode: This allows you to select what to display when attendees click on the info/register link. (1) HTML file mode will remove/replace comment marked sections with your event template (no need for a page layout at all, use your HTML file and insert Contao content into it) or (2) using the standard page template layout and event template mode and you can also specify to override the template PER event or simply make it fallback to the Module's event template (below).[/*:m:r3un4bh2]

  • Allow you to display the invitation HTML online (to identically match your e-mail) and provide ways to link-back using tokens to this invite view mode.[/*:m:r3un4bh2]
  • Allow you to download the ICS file for the event (internet calendar file) using a special link-back too[/*:m:r3un4bh2]
  • Allow you to view the default event view using the template mode above either using the module's event template or using the event override template. This allows you to easily create landing pages that perfectly match your HTML without having to style anything. The current page page layout's CSS and Scripting is extracted and placed into your HTML.[/*:m:r3un4bh2]