BE Theme enhancer to make Contao a bit more responsive to Mobile. There are problems with this.

I've used the logo as well as the mobile toggled/js from the main site, so it has a consistent feel. Also, the Header has been improved slightly and the login screen has also been improved (added autocapitisation=no, etc.).

Special crafting of table views, icon separation, menu height increases, margin removals on wide areas and auto width adjustments for widgets and folding them to block (instead of float) help the default theme to auto-adapt to various sizes of desktop, ipad and mobile phones. It's not perfect but workable.

NOTE: The pop-ups do not yet work on iPhone/iPad, as Contao has a bug in the pop-up JS or CSS (not sure which). This does limit the usage of the mobile theme. Until this is resolved, I cannot release this as stable. There are also problems with the select drop-down with the way it has been implemented in Contao using absolute positioning, which I cannot fix. ... emenu.html