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    The "MM editor module" is supposed to be a module for a seamless integration of MetaModels into the workflow of an editor.

    The "MM Editor module" will enable editors to select one or more data records of a MetaModel to output them on the website in a simple way.

    After selecting an MM editor module (created by an "MM admin") the editor can easily select one or more data records to be displayed on the website.

    The settings which had to be made in the CE/FE modules up to now, such as the selection of the MetaModel, filters, render settings etc. will be implemented in a new stand-alone module.
    Within this "editor-admin module" will be determined, whether the editor module should be available both as a content element and as a front end module, whether one or more data records can be selected, or whether the sorting can be overwritten and much more.
    You can find the schematic structure as well as the setting options summarized in this PDF - Download.

    Support at:
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