Hello Contao Fans,

Using Contao 3.5.x, building a custom module.

Just a question about "inputType" -> "checkboxWizard or select", they work great on the backend (DCA).

Since I want to display a table that contains "checkboxWizard" and "select" on the frontend, they are displayed as id (for select) and array of id (for the checkboxWizard).

Sure I can do a lots of "if else" to correct that but is there a way to display the correct value (and not the id) on the front-end such as for the backend just doing :

'reference' => &$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['tl_myref'],


'foreignKey' => 'tl_my_table.myField',

Thanks for your input, I want to do it the cleanest as possible