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Thread: Another language related problem driving me nuts (with duplicates)

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    Default Another language related problem driving me nuts (with duplicates)


    I got the following problems: We have a multilanguage domain with german, english and dutch content. The structure is domain.tld/keyword.language_tag.html - example:
    - /
    - /
    - AND: (displaying the german content)

    My problems so far:

    1. Duplicate content with the same language
    - / and
    - /example-two.html

    leads to duplicate content.

    2. Duplicte content with different languages
    - /
    - /

    because of the same base keyword.

    3. Duplicate content cause of non-translated, copied elements

    Ok this one we caused ourselves, 'cause when a new entry is made, it's simply duplicated in the backend and the language team gets a notice to translate the content (and when it's done, we put it on visible). Sadly this isn't done 100%, e.g. pictures and (alt) tags don't get translated or just partially. Any possibility to set up an alert, if things like this happen?

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    Use the lang param as Contao suggests it.

    Do do this you have to acivate "Add the language to the URL".

    Don't forget to give the first page of each startpoint the page alias "index". This is mandatory.

    Meta data of images can be translated with the filemanager in backend.

    Use [changelanguage] for other usefull and SEO features.

    We all create multilanguage website and don't want duplicate content. That's the way Contao core developer and Contao agencies do it.
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