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Thread: more templates please?

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    Default more templates please?

    I have to say that i really like typolight, it's a great all round cms.

    The only thing that i feel is missing, and this is coming from a noob to typolight, is free templates.
    I't's dissapointing that Joomla, drupal etc have plenty of templates with which to play with but typolight, which I would consider a far superior cms does not.

    Please, particularly for us noobs who are only just starting out with typolight, please add a couple free templates.

    p.s i did try the template screencast exactly as show for the business 2007 template but my site come back with a blank white page.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi BlackAngel1711,

    First of all, Typolight is now - for a long time ago - called Contao ;-)
    Secondly : perhaps will you find your needs there

    Welcome to Contao.


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