I am facing the problem of displaying content while logged out from admin panel.

1. I have created a new page structure TEST20190306 and corresponding Articles from Admin panel. Also I have updated Event Teaser for both language versions. Its showing perfectly on the browser for both German and English versions where I have logged in as an Admin, say Google Chrome. But in other browsers, say Firefox, it is not showing properly, such as Event Teaser items are not showing in proper arrangements, German version of content is not showing at all.

2. I intent to re-create the page structure and articles. Hence delete all images from file manager, delete file structure (and all the articles along with), items in Event Teaser. But still the item in Event Teaser is showing and redirecting to the page for German version only, if do not logged in.

Where am I wrong?
1. Am I need to take permission to set the pages?
2. Am I need to give permission to the user who is creating the pages?

I need an earliest solution. Please help.