I have been using ImageMaps to create a feature for text to appear on top of an image in a way that it fully covers the image (like a hover effect).
On one page with one picture it works fine (there, it is a single image of a table with boxes where can open a further description - so there are several maps / text boxes on one image).
However, on another page, where I have several picture, it doesn't work properly. I have several same-size pictures where the text box should cover the whole picture. Here's the problem:
I have gotten as far as text box showing up over the image but for some reason I cannot get it to recognise the mouse leave event on all elements. What happens is that it only works properly on the FIRST image, and on the others, the text box stays open at mouse leave event. I can swap images, but it is always the first one only that works.
I have tried using direct reference to a div class (since nothing was working) and to the class of the text box itself but it does not seem to work. I have really treid hours and hours - can some help pleeeeease?